Joy of Education

Joy of Education

With Peace., Education flows smoothly


Peace for Peace


Unity is our pride

Togetherness is our Strength

We won’t accommodate hatred and tribalism

We must build Peace without anyone driving us


In pain and suffering

In tears and sorrow

We shall attain peace through CPI Kenya

Our only aim is to restore peace

To get rid of Tribalism


Our tasks is to live in harmony

From Arapal, Olturot, Kulal, Loiyangalani

God Bless CPI Kenya

God bless the people of our nation.

Class 4 and 5 Pupils from North Horr Primary School 


New Year

I thank God for this new year because it has given the organization a chance to encourage, mold and motivate many more children to become Peace Ambassadors in the areas we work with in Northern Kenya, This children are the leaders of TODAY and we are just instilling that knowledge now for them to become more Peaceful and productive adults.

Happy and Peaceful Year

Overcome Fear

Number 13 has always been dreaded, probably since the betrayal of Jesus by Judas. A young prince made an assault on No. 13 when getting married. He invited 13 representatives from 13 countries to his wedding, he chose 13 lamas to perform the ceremony and each of the distinguished guests who had a royal car at his disposal, displayed 13 flags. Even the telephones at the royal palace were 13 in number.

Human beings are conservative creatures and we usually hold on to old ideas, customs long after we have learned better and long after their original purpose has been lost or forgotten. No one who has faith in one God believes in superstitions. Believing in superstitions is lacking explicit FAITH IN GOD.